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Meet Our Staff

Take a moment to meet the people behind Adventure Yellowstone, Inc..

Steve Braun

From that first black bear that entered Steve's family's tent in Glacier Park at age 3, Steve has been interested in grizzly and black bears. After 21 years of guiding and teaching around the world, Steve's appreciation for the Earth's life has only grown. Steve look forward to guiding and assisting your family or group to learn and enjoy our wildlands!


Originally from Kyoto, Japan, Mayu developed her love of plants from her mother. After many years of academic study about plants and managing state parks in Japan for many years Mayu moved to Yellowstone. Currently she teaches about Yellowstone ecology and is writing the first Japanese language plant book of the Yellowstone region. Together with Kei, her son and fellow bear spotter, Mayu lives in and explores the Yellowstone region.


Specializing in Environmental Ecology teaching during her college years, Anna has taught in the Gardiner/Yellowstone public schools. Currently she guides both in Yellowstone and as a boat captain on the Yellowstone River. Anna also owns the Tumbleweed Cafe in Gardiner, Montana, at Yellowstone's north entrance. Most of the food we serve for Adventure Yellowstone guests is home cooked by Anna and her staff!


A Montana native and raised on the shores of Yellowstone Lake in the heart of Yellowstone National Park. She has enjoyed the sights, scents and sounds of this beautiful location all her life and is lucky to consider Yellowstone “home.” She holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental reporting from the University of Montana, and spends her time guiding guests whitewater rafting down the Colorado River in Grand Canyon, cross-county skiing in the western Rockies or searching for wildlife in Grand Teton and Yellowstone. She enjoys helping others to experience, learn about and enjoy earth’s wild places. She holds wilderness first responder, backcountry food handler’s, swiftwater rescue and CPR certification.


A long-time Yellowstone area resident, Sierra has always treasured the outdoors and loves sharing her passion with others. She has trained for backcountry cross-country skiing for 9 years and running competitions for 5 years. Currently, she attends the University of Montana where she studies for her degree in Speech/Language pathology. Sierra works with our summer student groups and enjoys helping the students practice their English. She also leads backcountry hiking trips, and teaches customers about the fascinating surrounding plants and animals of Yellowstone as well as the human history of the area.

Yasuyo Kuwahara

Japan's foremost wolf biologist, Mr. Kuwahara lives near the mountains of Hokkaido, Japan, together with his wife and 11 wolves. The founder of Howlin'Ks Nature School Mr. Kuwahara works closely with numerous biologists around the world for wolf conservation and reintroduction into Japan. A long-time colleague with Adventure Yellowstone staff, Mr. Kuwahara guides our Japan wildlife safaris. An excellent English speaker, Mr. Kuwahara works with numerous zoos and education centers around the world. Please see his nature school at the following link: www.howlin-ks.co.jp

For information regarding our Japan wildlife safari, please contact us.


As a trained zoologist and experienced leader of safaris around the world, Martin also has in-depth field experience with Spectacled Bears, Sharks, and numerous other species. He also has graduated with a guide license for South African safaris. Based in England, Martin founded Royle Safaris as an ecologically sensitive, in-depth safari guide company to help you enjoy and learn about our world's most fascinating and endangered species. All trips focus on ethical viewing and supporting local communities to protect the wildlife.

Martin is the coordinator for Adventure Yellowstone's safaris in India, Africa, and South America. These safaris are operated by Royle Safaris.

We are proud to be one of the few licensed by the National Park Service
and the US Forest Service to operate all year in Yellowstone country.

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