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The northern part of Yellowstone is home to the largest herds of Big Game in all of North America elk, bison, wolves, bears, and more! March through November is prime time for watching bears and wolves together with all of the other species that have lived in northern Yellowstone for the past 8,000 years. November through March is the best time for wolves, cross country skiing, and the Winter Wonderland of Yellowstone.

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We are proud to be one of the few licensed by the National Park Service
and the US Forest Service to operate all year in Yellowstone country!
All safaris include the expert services of a National Park Service/ Forest Service licensed guide, transportation, use of spotting scopes and binoculars, information packet, field identification guides, first aid kit, safety equipment such as bear spray, field snacks and drinks. Please
contact us with your detailed information so we can supply you with an accurate quotation.



Safaris with Hiking or Safari from vehicle?

We offer both car only safaris and safaris that include hiking. We also offer longer day hiking trips- we are one of very few firms licensed by the National Park Service for all-year hiking in Yellowstone! If you decide to include hiking on your safari the hiking trail for the day will be decided in consultation with you. The hikes available range from easy ˝ to 2 mile treks through sagebrush flats to more strenuous hikes
a 10 mile roundtrip to a 10, 100 feet peak is one of our favorites and our 4 year old son first climbed the peak at age 10 months! Current wildlife movements and trail conditions will also dictate which trail will be best. Your guide will be carrying bear spray and you will have a brief safety orientation at the trailhead. We encourage children to participate in the logistics of a field trip so helping carry the spotting scope, training in bear spray use, and more is usually included.

With advance notice we can bring a backpack child carrier for longer hikes.

What to Bring? What is included?

We provide a spotting scope and binoculars for your use. Wildlife is best observed from a distance so that we do not disturb the animals; all of their energy is needed to help them survive in Yellowstone. We also supply interpretation materials, first aid gear, and all of the other group items you will need. Snowshoe use is complimentary. Photography stops and breaks for restrooms (sorry, usually not heated) provide you with the chance to get out of the vehicle. Short walks away from the vehicle may be necessary for the best wildlife viewing. Please see individual safari details for information as to exactly what is included.

You are responsible for your own personal clothing and gear. We recommend that you dress in layers. Park entrance fees, guide gratuity, and lunch are not included.

A "List of Items to Bring" will be sent to you after your trip is confirmed.

If someone in your party has a physical handicap not allowing for walking we are happy to assist you
most of the bear and wolf viewing can be done from next to or inside the car! Please contact us to discuss how to design the day so all in your party can enjoy the wonder of Yellowstone!

Field Snacks and Drinks

Field snacks and drinks are included throughout your time with the guide.

Please advise us if you have any food allergies and health conditions. Some meals may be served inside and itineraries may need to be adjusted if conditions require. Please be sure to inform us of any special needs for your children
we avoid serving junk food!

Reservation Confirmation & Cancellation Policy

To confirm your safari guide reservation

Please remit a check for the first day's safari fee to Adventure Yellowstone, Inc., P.O. Box 746, Bozeman, Montana 59771–0746 U.S.A. We also accept wires and international bank drafts. Wire address information will be provided if needed.

For your protection and to keep safari fees as reasonable as possible we do not accept credit cards.

The final remaining balance will be due three weeks before your arrival. Since all of our trips are tailored to meet your individual needs detailed price quotations will be provided once we have all of the details of your trip. After receiving your payment we will contact you to confirm arrangements for your trip. Please send us your hotel itinerary and cell phone contact number so we can contact you if necessary after you depart on your trip. Also, please be sure to check with us for any last minute news from the field.

For larger groups, courses, and specialty services please contact us for payment details.

Cancellation Policies

Our cancellation policies are flexible up to three weeks before arrival for individual safaris. We understand that family emergencies can happen. If the weather should be very bad on the day of your trip we will also reschedule or refund your payment- we prefer to treat you with respect and the reality is that we do not want you out in a major snowstorm without being able to see anything. However, sudden cancellations “just because” are not acceptable and no refunds will be made. Safaris will operate with normal snows and other inclement weather.

For larger groups, courses, and specialty services the cancellation policies will be provided as a part of the quotation we will send to you
bus companies, hotels, meeting rooms, activities, and more all have their special quirks. We can assist you so your tour series or program operates as smoothly as possible.

Special Request?

We can assist you with wheelchair and other special needs arrangements as well. Please be sure to call us in advance to be sure all the arrangements for your family are just as you would like them to be.

We are proud to be one of the few licensed by the National Park Service
and the US Forest Service to operate all year in Yellowstone country.

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