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Education Programs

Since 1991 Adventure Yellowstone has organized, produced, and taught numerous programs, workshops, courses, and events for thousands of people around the world. We believe strongly that we must train the new generation of leaders. Adventure Yellowstone hosts school and university programs every year.

We are not interested in producing fake programs so common among the travel industry. Instead we develop programs together with the staff of the home school or university to teach in-depth, true ecological and cultural programs. All of our programs feature activities designed to have the guest become a part of Yellowstone's human and natural culture.

Whether you are from the United States or from overseas, we are happy to work with you to make a great program for your organization.

We also feature pre-arrival and post-trip Skype meetings with participants. For school groups we also will ask to assign preparation readings and homework.

USAJapan Cultural Programs

Following the multiple disasters in Japan in 2011, the Yellowstone community opened its hearts and sent tens of thousands of dollars for relief efforts. Many Yellowstone businesses have deep connections to Japan and the friendships that have developed over the past 30 years were strengthened as many Americans strived to help. In May 2011, Adventure Yellowstone organized a Japan Cultural Extravaganza together with the Japan Ikebana Society. More than 10,250 local people visited the Bozeman Public Library during the one week of the exhibits. Please see the link below regarding the events.

  Ikebana Program Information (PDF)

The friendships between the Yellowstone region and Japan are further being strengthened but this time with the theme of Dinosaurs. Currently several of the world famous T-rex and other discoveries from Montana are touring Japan and Asia. Although Adventure Yellowstone is not involved in the dinosaur exhibits we are happy to see the deepening of relations between peoples through science and exploration. Please see the attached links for further information.

  Montana Dinosaurs in Japan (PDF)

  World's Largest T-rex Skull Touring Japan (PDF)

In all of our programs we strive for learning back and forth across the oceans. Numerous Yellowstone area classes have learned about the grizzly bears of Japan from peer-level student presentations from visiting Japanese students. Likewise, students from Japan have participated in many Yellowstone local school activities, festivals, and events- true international friendship and cultural exchanges!

Please contact us to organize science and cultural program both in Yellowstone or Japan for your organization!

We are proud to be one of the few licensed by the National Park Service
and the US Forest Service to operate all year in Yellowstone country.

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